Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Plain Comics

I thought I'd share some of the other end of what I've been working on, and the plan for all of these small updates I've been posting. Hopefully as a result it'll be clear why it seems as if I've been dragging my feet on the drawing end of things.

At the end of September the web comics magazine Plain Comics (name pending) is going live. With features like above! and others!

It's going to launch with the following:

-Space Monsters! Space Ships! 5 strips (It's a re-hash of a series of strips I did a few years ago, but in 3D!)

-Louisiana Purchased 5 strips (one of which you've already seen a preview of)

-2 short stories (including twice nude, and a mystery story)

The format for the magazine is going to be three weekly updates, a strip of SM!SS! Mondays, a strip of LP Wednesdays, and a strip of a short story on Fridays.  Until then though I'm trying to get the formatting working and streamline the scripting process so while I'll post updates here before the website goes live I'll try not to give specific time estimates anymore. Instead I'll give one big estimate and say the site goes live in 30 days.


Also I'm going to post some of my older comic work (specifically from Space Monsters! Space Ships!) because I realized all my images have disappeared for some reason.

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