Friday, April 12, 2013

Everything I've got going on the internet (mostly)

Hey! I just realized how many people were still visiting this site and there haven't been many updates lately because I've mostly transitioned to a number of other web based locations. If you're interested in new work that's regularly updated head in the following directions...

PLAIN comics, featuring Louisiana Purchased & Space Monsters! Space Ships! It's also got a blog that perhaps updates too much & a shop (where I both sell prints and take commissions).
This is my still under construction portfolio website. It's got more Design work and sculpture than illustration/comics, but will be seeing an update one of these days.

ALSO... I'm @macschubert on twitter & mackenzieschubert on instagram (if you don't mind dog photos).

P.S. I had no idea I was getting comments! on here so I apologize for not responding to anyone. I'll remedy that TODAY.