Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OCT through JAN sketches, minus DEC(ish)

My sketch stack starting in October and ending today. I left out December and early January because I used spiral bound notebooks that did not stack as well. 

Three warnings:
• I didn't take anything out so it may be especially dull in places.
• There might be some swears in there.

• Most lists could have been made by an elementary school student. None were.

Art 21 Blog

Lindsay Preston Zappas interviewed me and a couple other students from Cranbrook for an Art21 blog article. If that's the sort of thing you think might be interested in.... it's here. Four of us sat around her house and talked over beer. It may have been a nightmare for her to transcribe, but the conversation was fun and expertly steered. The article does a fantastic job of capturing it.

I will preemptively warn you I'm not exactly a master conversationalist when it comes to speaking my words.