Monday, September 17, 2012

Comics from about 2 years ago

These are old, and problematic, but I realized that not only were their preview images gone from this blog but so was the secondary blog they linked to. I thought it might be a good idea to collect them all somewhere (though all is wrong because there's a couple panels that have disappeared from SS!SM! for maybe ever).

To preface them a little bit I'll say that I'd draw an issue every weekend when I was in my first year at Cranbrook (and sometimes that meant friday evening, and monday morning, and tuesday morning). The goal was to make work fast and to be flexible about it. Wanting to them to take on the feel of reading silver age adventure comics at my grandparents as a child I juggled multiple story lines.

It's funny to look back at them -- even being only a few years old -- they don't strike me as perfect, or good, but I think there's a lot in there that is useful to see again. Also the two main comics that I'll start releasing under Plain Comics at the end of the month come from settings I started thinking about when I was making these. Those are Louisiana Purchased and Space Monsters! Space Ships! I flipped the name around! Freak City didn't make the cut because it dawned on me it was just 1920s X-men as sideshow freaks (the lady could grow a giant beard to fight with if you were wondering what was going on with her) and Time Crime, which only makes an appearance way way below, was really just an excuse to draw/write Steve. I did a warm up sketch of him the other day even.

Also, I'll try and fix it, but excuse the weird image breaks that have something to do with this stupid blogger template.

Ugh. These are a little teeth grinding. Sorry.

There's a chunk of comic missing here (sorry)

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