Tuesday, November 16, 2010

louisiana purchased logo

New logo for Louisiana Purchased. That isn't to say it's replacing an old logo, it just has one now. It might be a little too 1960s movie poster, or like my memory of the intro to honey I shrunk the kids. Anyway it's puke colored -- I'm not sure if this helps or hurts those associations.

The update is going to go up later this evening on Big Time Magazine. 2 days late! I had a paper to write Wednesday and then sleeping to do the following night, which isn't an excuse... except that it mostly is. Caitlin will be home in minutes, and after her stressful day at work I'll have her sit down and do some spell checking on the comic. I have been slipping up like crazy lately. I'd settle for bad grammar over what has been going up the last couple weeks.


I was right last week when I said I wouldn't make a regular thing of throwing the strips up on Mondays.

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